What’s A Food Swap?

The fun of a food swap begins at home or in the garden. Each participant signs up to bring something that they’ve cooked, baked, preserved, grown or foraged and packaged to share. 

When participants arrive at the swap, each person claims a spot, gets a swap list and displays their contribution. Samples are important… it gives people a chance to try what everyone has brought while mingling and browsing through all the contributions. If you like something, you’re invited to write your name on the swap list and what it is you’d like to swap. When the swapping part of the evening opens up, the people on the list get first “dibs” on what’s available. Makes sense? No? Well, think of a food swap in this sense… it’s like a Christmas cookie exchange.

Let’s say that I bring 8 packages of cupcakes to the swap. Each package contains 4 cupcakes. I also bring cupcakes to cut up for samples. My friend brings 6 bottles of homemade granola and she puts out sample cups  of her granola. If she tries my cake and likes it, she’ll write her name on my list to trade. If I like her granola, I’ll agree to swap with her and she goes home with my cupcakes and I take home her granola. 

The more participants involved in a swap means the more variety to choose from. 

All swap items must be homemade or homegrown and participants are welcome to bring as many… or as few… items as they like. The goal is to meet people and have fun!


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