What’s In Season In March?

As we get closer to our March Food Swap, are you wondering what’s in season while you look for ideas for things to swap? Foodland Ontario has a great chart that shows produce availability throughout the year. Available here, the availability guide shows that in March, the following produce is in season:




Cucumber (greenhouse)

Lettuce (greenhouse)


Onions (cooking and red)


Peppers (greenhouse)






Sweet Potatoes

Tomatoes (greenhouse)

Does that inspire some ideas for our March swap? Don’t forget, you can also theme your swap items… we’re swapping the day after St. Patrick’s Day and a couple days before the start of spring. Both are great ideas to theme.

Details about the March Food Swap are available here. Remember, you need to register and get a ticket at Eventbrite for our swaps. Go to our March Swap Eventbrite and get your ticket today!


Wondering what’s in season in Ontario?

Then you should check out Foodland Ontario’s AVAILABILITY GUIDE.

Photo 2013-05-26 12 18 53 PM

This is the printed version that we’ve used for a few years.

Right now, the asparagus and rhubarb should be making appearances at local markets and stores. Have you seen any local farm produce yet? Where? Let us know so we can all take advantage of the local Ontario goodness!

If you grow rhubarb and are overwhelmed by it, bouquets of freshly picked rhubarb make a great swap choice.


REMINDER: Tickets for the June 2 swap are available until Friday, May 30. If you are attending, you need to register on Eventbrite to get your ticket. Go to haltonfoodswap.eventbrite.ca to get your ticket today!