Get Ready… The September Swap is Coming!

Hey Halton Swappers! It’s time for another exciting food swap! And this time, we’ve parterned up with Burlington Green! So join us on Tuesday, September 10th for our fall swap which will be held in the Centennial Hall of The Burlington Public Library!

Did you miss out on our last food swap? Curious about what a Halton Food Swap looks like? Then check out the photos from our June Food Swap!

We are so excited to partner with Burlington Green and to get together with local food swappers!

Stay tuned to this blog for more information and ideas for the September Food Swap.

Here’s the important information. You need to get an Eventbrite ticket to participate in the swap. So make sure you click on this link to our Eventbrite page to register

For more information about Halton Food Swap and the September Food Swap, please follow Halton Food Swap on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll also be putting up a lot of fun ideas for swapping on ourblog, so check us out. 

To learn more about Burlington Green, check out their website. Follow them on Facebook and Twitteras well.


Last Day To Register For The June 2 Food Swap!

Today’s the last day to get your tickets for the June 2 Halton Food Swap at Baba Link Farm. If you’re planning to attend, but haven’t gotten your ticket yet, make sure you get over to our EVENTBRITE event page to pick it up. Ticket sales close at midnight tonight.

For those who have registered, thank you! We are so looking forward to meeting you on Sunday and checking out all the goodies you’re bringing to swap. Registered participants will receive an email from the swap with last minute details after ticket sales have closed.

We’ll be taking photos at the swap, so make sure you tune in next week to see the fun from our swap.

Rhubarb Recipes

Keeping with yesterday’s post about what’s available in Ontario right now, we thought we’d post some rhubarb recipe ideas. Since there are so many recipe sites, we chose TASTESPOTTING.COM because it’s one of the best sites to find new, exciting and different recipes.

When you go to, you can put in a specific term and get a long list of ideas using that term. So when we put in RHUBARB, we got the following list: RHUBARB SEARCH RESULTS.

So check it out and find something new to try!



REMINDER: Tickets for our Sunday, June 2 Food Swap are available until Friday, May 30. Go to EVENTBRITE to reserve your ticket. They are free! If you are participating in the swap, you must have a ticket.


Wondering what’s in season in Ontario?

Then you should check out Foodland Ontario’s AVAILABILITY GUIDE.

Photo 2013-05-26 12 18 53 PM

This is the printed version that we’ve used for a few years.

Right now, the asparagus and rhubarb should be making appearances at local markets and stores. Have you seen any local farm produce yet? Where? Let us know so we can all take advantage of the local Ontario goodness!

If you grow rhubarb and are overwhelmed by it, bouquets of freshly picked rhubarb make a great swap choice.


REMINDER: Tickets for the June 2 swap are available until Friday, May 30. If you are attending, you need to register on Eventbrite to get your ticket. Go to to get your ticket today!

One More Week Until The June Food Swap!

We are so excited to be taking the swap on the road and having it in the great outdoors on the farm next Sunday, June 2nd. Have you signed up for our summer food swap at Baba Link Farm? If not, you’ve still got time. Go to EVENTBRITE to get your ticket. Over the next week, we’ll be showcasing swap ideas. More information about the swap is available HERE:

In the meantime, check out our appearance on TVCogeco’s FYI program, where Michelle talks to host Lynda Kirkland about Food Swaps:

Paper Bag Packaging Idea from Oh Happy Day!

As we count down the days towards our next swap, we keep finding really cute ideas for packaging. Check out this one we found using paper bags at Oh Happy Day:

Photo from Oh Happy Day! Make sure you check it out for a whack of great ideas!

Photo from Oh Happy Day! Make sure you check it out for a whack of great ideas!

This idea would be a lot of fun for a variety of swappables… and it’s a cute way to put all that pertinent information about ingredients right on the packaging.

Have you signed up for our June 2nd swap at Baba Link Farm? Go to EVENTBRITE to get your ticket now!

Great Cookie Packaging Idea from That Winsome Girl!

Looking for a fun way to package cookies for a swap? Here’s an easy, pretty and practical way to swap cookies from That Winsome Girl.

Photo from a very cool blog called “That Winsome Girl”. Make sure you check her out at:

Definitely want to try this method of sharing cookies… you don’t have to worry about crushing the cookies! Total win in my book. And it’s something that could be themed to the different seasons or style of the giver (or the receiver).

Coming to the June Halton Food Swap?

Get your tickets today at: