Photos from the September Swap!

Photo 9-10-2013, 5 39 52 PM   Photo 9-10-2013, 7 42 40 PM

Our September Swap was a huge success! 

The bounty of the season was upon us!

We had the swap at Central Library in Burlington with our host Burlington Green.

Thank you Michelle Bennett for all your help making this a success!

Photo 9-10-2013, 6 55 19 PM

Between bunches of herbs, fresh local veggies, preserves, baked goods, hand-kneaded bread and even homemade soaps, there was plenty to swap!

Photo 9-10-2013, 7 27 08 PM

Everyone mingled during social hour, meeting new friends and reconnecting with old.

Photo 9-10-2013, 7 36 36 PM

Photo 9-10-2013, 7 34 14 PM

Photo 9-10-2013, 6 54 30 PM

We continue to be amazed at all the good that comes from bringing people together – for the love of food.

Photo 9-10-2013, 7 34 07 PM  Photo 9-10-2013, 7 32 50 PM Photo 9-10-2013, 7 32 32 PM Photo 9-10-2013, 7 32 05 PM

Photo 9-10-2013, 7 31 00 PM Photo 9-10-2013, 7 30 43 PM Photo 9-10-2013, 7 30 26 PM Photo 9-10-2013, 7 29 24 PM

Thank you to everyone who came out to Central Library for the swap. All your efforts are appreciated!

Photo 9-10-2013, 7 31 52 PM Photo 9-10-2013, 7 31 45 PM Photo 9-10-2013, 7 31 18 PM Photo 9-10-2013, 7 31 35 PM

Photo 9-10-2013, 7 30 11 PM Photo 9-10-2013, 7 29 13 PM Photo 9-10-2013, 7 29 06 PM Photo 9-10-2013, 7 29 01 PM Photo 9-10-2013, 7 28 39 PM Photo 9-10-2013, 7 28 46 PM Photo 9-10-2013, 7 28 56 PM          Photo 9-10-2013, 7 29 49 PM Photo 9-10-2013, 7 30 11 PM

Thank you to Burlington Green for sharing their space. We had a great time!

Photo 9-10-2013, 8 10 03 PM

Stay tuned for details on our next swap in November!


Tonight’s Swap Night! So Help Burlington Green Win!



Our September Swap partner, Burlington Green is in the running for an amazing opportunity! They are a finalist in the Jamieson Vitamins Call For the Wild contest! And they need our votes!

Why? Because they will win a whackload of moolah (up to $100 000) that will help them continue their green work around the City of Burlington. Imagine how far that could go into making a difference in our community.

They are the only organization representing Ontario. Their fellow competitors include: The Vancouver Aquarium, the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, the Hope for Wildlife Society in New Brunswick and Montreal’s McGill Bird Observatory. That’s a pretty impressive group!

Visit the Burlington Green website to find out more about the contest, enter the contest and for your chance to win a bike! 

So click on the link and help them win!

And while you’re clicking around on the internet, make sure you sign up for September’s Food Swap on September 10th! You need a ticket to participate, so make sure you click your way over to the Eventbrite sign up page! 

Our September Swap is almost here!

Photo 2013-03-12 5 57 07 PM

Are you excited? It’s almost time for our next swap on September 10th!  And it’s going to be a big one! As of now, we have 20 people signed up to swap! We are very excited for our first swap in Burlington and our first swap with our co-hosts Burlington Green.

So what’s in store? Well, lots of locally made, baked, and grown goodies… and a chance to socialize with a bunch of like minded people.

Not only are we swapping all kinds of goodies, but we’re also going to do a little book swap. This part of the swap is easy. If you have some books on food, cooking, gardening or green living that you want to get rid of, bring them to the swap and put them in our book swap. And that’s it. Everyone can browse the books to see if there’s something that catches their eye… and if they do, they can take the book. Easy peasy. At the end of the night, remaining books can be taken back by the people who brought them. So go through your books and see if there’s anything you’d like to bring.

Haven’t signed up yet? There is still time to go over to the Eventbrite page and get your ticket. There are only a few left, so get them while you can!

Get Ready… The September Swap is Coming!

Hey Halton Swappers! It’s time for another exciting food swap! And this time, we’ve parterned up with Burlington Green! So join us on Tuesday, September 10th for our fall swap which will be held in the Centennial Hall of The Burlington Public Library!

Did you miss out on our last food swap? Curious about what a Halton Food Swap looks like? Then check out the photos from our June Food Swap!

We are so excited to partner with Burlington Green and to get together with local food swappers!

Stay tuned to this blog for more information and ideas for the September Food Swap.

Here’s the important information. You need to get an Eventbrite ticket to participate in the swap. So make sure you click on this link to our Eventbrite page to register

For more information about Halton Food Swap and the September Food Swap, please follow Halton Food Swap on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll also be putting up a lot of fun ideas for swapping on ourblog, so check us out. 

To learn more about Burlington Green, check out their website. Follow them on Facebook and Twitteras well.