Photos from the June Food Swap!

Our June Food Swap happened today… and despite the rain, it was a success! Check out some of the photos from today’s swap!

Photo 2013-06-02 4 33 20 PM

We had the swap at Baba Link Organic Farm in Waterdown. Pat, our fabulous host, gracious opened her house to us when the skies were looking very unfriendly and wet.

Photo 2013-06-02 2 18 03 PM

A few of our swappers set up inside…

Photo 2013-06-02 2 18 33 PM

…while a couple set up their goodies outside.

Photo 2013-06-02 2 43 56 PM

During the social hour, everyone enjoyed checking out all the different ideas and possibilities for swaps.

Photo 2013-06-02 2 53 31 PM

All the while, we were watching the skies to see if the downpours would stop so that Pat could take us on a tour of the farm.

Photo 2013-06-02 3 05 50 PM

Finally, it looked like the skies were clearing up… for a few minutes at least. So we all headed out to the gardens.

Photo 2013-06-02 3 07 16 PM

Pat grows an amazing amount of unique items. One thing she showed us were the Harscap (I’m sure I just butchered the name). It looks like a really long blueberry… and has a similar, tart taste.

Photo 2013-06-02 3 07 31 PM

This bloom is on a paw paw tree. Which, surprisingly is native to parts of Ontario (I thought it was an exotic fruit). Pat’s very excited that this is the first time it’s bloomed. Here’s hoping it produces fruit.

Photo 2013-06-02 3 17 33 PM

Pat has a lot of pear (particularly Asian Pear) varieties on her farm. She is talking about a variety in this picture. To the left of the tree is the Saskatoon berry patch… and the mint patch.

Photo 2013-06-02 3 18 30 PM

We timed the tour perfectly. As we got back to the house, the skies once again opened. And it was time to get down to swapping! There were so many goodies to swap. Here’s a sample of what was available.

Photo 2013-06-02 3 47 02 PM

After the swap, all that was left was to pack up, say “see you next time” and ferry our goodies home.

Photo 2013-06-02 3 51 25 PM

Thank you to everyone who came out to Baba Link Organic Farm for the swap. Everything you brought was fantastic.

Thank you to Pat for graciously opening her house and her farm to the swap group. We all had a fabulous time.

The next Halton Food Swap will take place in September. Stay tuned for details.