Rhubarb Recipes

Keeping with yesterday’s post about what’s available in Ontario right now, we thought we’d post some rhubarb recipe ideas. Since there are so many recipe sites, we chose TASTESPOTTING.COM because it’s one of the best sites to find new, exciting and different recipes.

When you go to Tastespotting.com, you can put in a specific term and get a long list of ideas using that term. So when we put in RHUBARB, we got the following list: RHUBARB SEARCH RESULTS.

So check it out and find something new to try!



REMINDER: Tickets for our Sunday, June 2 Food Swap are available until Friday, May 30. Go to EVENTBRITE to reserve your ticket. They are free! If you are participating in the swap, you must have a ticket.



One thought on “Rhubarb Recipes

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