Are you a master cookie baker? A genius with the strawberry jam? Grow the most amazing herbs? Then get ready! It’s time for the Summer Halton Food Swap… and we’re getting out of the big city and going to the farm!

Baba Link Farm will be our host and location for our first ever outdoor food swap! We are so excited to take the swap outside to enjoy an afternoon on the farm in the (hopefully) warm, summer sunshine!

All swap items must be homemade or homegrown and participants are welcome to bring as many… or as few… items as they like.

Examples of items to swap could be:

  • A jar of jam or other preserves
  • A bouquet of herbs
  • Half a dozen cookies (more if they are smaller or less if they are big cookies)
  • Four large muffins (or a half dozen smaller muffins)
  • Mini cakes or pies
  • A jar of the miracle house cleaner you’ve made and perfected
  • or another combination or amount of items

You can bring either multiples of one thing, or bring a variety of items to swap. The goal is to meet people and have fun!

Please make sure your items come packaged and ready to swap. This is a good opportunity to get creative with your packaging! Also, bring samples, if possible. The first half of the swap is a purely social time, to mingle and enjoy the company of your fellow swappers. And who doesn’t like sampling new foods and chatting?

The swap is free of charge, but space is limited so you **MUST** register through EVENTBRITE to secure your spot. Additional details about the swap will be sent to you when you secure your spot.

If you have any questions about swapping, what you should bring or if you need ideas, make sure you come back to the blog regularly, stay tuned to our Facebook page  and Twitter feed… or email us at

We are looking forward to seeing all of you on the farm for the next swap. Sign up today and secure your spot!

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